Bengü Bahar in the News

Bengü Bahar's Picture Exhibition


The works of artist Bengü Bahar met art lovers at Ege University. Having opened a total of 22 exhibitions since 1992, Bengü Bahar organized her 23rd exhibition at Ege University's 50th Year Mansion Art Gallery. In his paintings, Bengü Bahar stated that he mostly focused on the interior. Bahar said, "The reason why I don't prefer human figures is because it restricts me technically. I don't want to restrict my style of using paint with form. As an artist, I like to objectify images on the painting surface and play with colors without restricting any materials." The exhibition of the artist Bengü Bahar, who uses mostly mixed techniques in his paintings, can be viewed until May 4, 2007. (Nursen Pekkaraca / Ege Agency)